Eastern Mediterranean Cruise Antalya

Day 1: Antalya / Turkey – Eastern Mediterranean Cruise with AIDA.

This AIDA cruise through the eastern mediterranean will inspire you.
This last minute cruise was one of the best greek island cruises we can find by one of the best cruise lines.
AIDA Cruises is on of the best known German cruise lines for european cruises and worldwide cruises. On a cruise ship of AIDA is always a casual atmosphere and there is a wide range of sports, wellness and entertainment. Childrens have a lot of fun during child care in the Kids Club.
Port Akeniz of Antalya on the Turkish Riviera was the starting port of this cruise holidays.
Late in the evening after a safety briefing we leave with the AIDAstella the port of Antalya. And like at all AIDA cruise ships, the cruise vacations starts with a SAIL AWAY … SAIL AWAY … SAIL AWAY … and a great welcome party.

mediterranean cruise with AIDA

Let’s start our cruise to Greece

AIDA Cruises AIDAstella Antalya.jpg Auf nach Griechenland.jpg PIC_0916.JPG PIC_0933.JPG DSC_0265.JPG IMG_2164.JPG AidaStella Mittelmeer Kreuzfahrt.jpg DSC_0183.JPG DSC_0185.JPG DSC_0187.JPG DSC_0189.JPG DSC_0228.JPG DSC_0233.JPG DSC_0236.JPG DSC_0243.JPG DSC_0246.JPG DSC_0250.JPG DSC_0195.JPG DSC_0199.JPG DSC_0195.JPG DSC_0206.JPG DSC_0253.JPG DSC_0264.JPG DSC_0268.JPG DSC_0271.JPG DSC_0277.JPG DSC_0287.JPG DSC_0288.JPG DSC_0289.JPG DSC_0291.JPG DSC_0293.JPG DSC_0294.JPG DSC_0296.JPG DSC_0297.JPG DSC_0303.JPG DSC_0304.JPG DSC_0307.JPG IMG_2168.JPG IMG_2171.JPG IMG_2172.JPG IMG_2180.JPG IMG_2181.JPG IMG_2182.JPG IMG_2197.JPG IMG_2202.JPG IMG_2203.JPG IMG_2207.JPG IMG_2209.JPG IMG_2223.JPG S2330008.JPG S2330019.JPG S2330017.JPG IMG_2220.JPG S2330016.JPG AIDA cruises mediterrarean cruise.jpg

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