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Mont Saint Michel – UNESCO World Heritage Site, Normandy France


The famous monastery mountain Mont Saint Michel. A world wonder of the western world is located in Normandy in northwestern France. On the peninsula Cotentin, you will find the most famous tourist attractions of Normandy. The legendary Monastery of Mont-Saint-Michel

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France Travel Normandy, A sunny rainy day – Sheep & History

The Normandy – Historic and cultural region of northern France The name Normandy (French Normandie) is derived from the term “Northmen”. Because from the 9th century, Danish and Norwegian Vikings had raided and inhabited the region. To protect your personal

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Grand Canyon West, Skywalk and Eagle Point Arizona USA

Grand Canyon West Skywalk

Grand Canyon West / Arizona USA From the glittering world of Las Vegas to a breathtaking natural wonder: The Grand Canyon West Skywalk is the most popular attraction in this park. The Skywalk at Eagle Point is a walk-in glass

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Historic Old Town Frankfurt between Cathedral and Römerberg

Altstadt Frankfurt - Old Town Frankfurt

The New Old Town Frankfurt Impressions of the beautifully reconstructed old town Frankfurt between Cathedral and Römerberg. A successful combination of old original buildings with new buildings based on historical models. After visiting the Cathedral of St. Bartholomäus, we pass by the

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Oahu Hawaii Island Tour Guide – It’s not just Waikiki

Oahu Hawaii Island Tour

Oahu Hawaii Road Tour Guide: Many Hawaii visitors come to Oahu Hawaii and park themselves on the Waikiki Beach of Honolulu during the whole vacation. We highly recommend to go to the north shore and to the east shore of

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