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The Normandy – Historic and cultural region of northern France

Flag - Normandy Frankreich

The name Normandy (French Normandie) is derived from the term “Northmen”. Because from the 9th century, Danish and Norwegian Vikings had raided and inhabited the region.

The region is also famous over the world for the monastery rock Mont-Saint-Michel. A visit to the Mont is the highlight of any trip to Normandy.

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Agneau des Prés Salés du Mont Saint Michel (Lamb of the Salted Meadows of Mont Saint Michel): The sheep graze with their lambs on the salt marshes in the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. The “Agneau de pré-salé” (Salt meadow lamb) from the bays of the Mont St-Michel is particularly delicate and carry since 2007 the seal of approval AOC. The taste comes from the grasses standing regularly in salt water and contain many minerals and salts.

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