Grand Canyon West, Skywalk and Eagle Point Arizona USA

Grand Canyon West / Arizona USA

From the glittering world of Las Vegas to a breathtaking natural wonder:

The Grand Canyon West Skywalk is the most popular attraction in this park. The Skywalk at Eagle Point is a walk-in glass platform 4000 feet above the Colorado. The technical marvel offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Grand Canyon. Especially the spectacular view through the glass bottom is unique!
Unfortunately, taking pictures with your own camera on the glass observation deck is not allowed. You have to put all private things like cameras and cell phones in a locker before you can enter the Skywalk.
But for the visitors who do not want to enter the Skywalk because of the additional costs or fear of heights there is a spectacular view of the canyon at the Eagle Point.

Eagle Point Grand Canyon West

Eagle Point Grand Canyon West

The Eagle Point is an impressive rock formation in the form of an eagle with spread wings and is an important sanctuary for the Hualapai Indians. Attention! There is no barrier at the edge of the canyon here. Visitors can approach the abyss as far as they see fit.
At Eagle Point you can also visit an authentically built indigenous village. In the Indian village you will be introduced to the myths of the Hualapai Indians through cultural performances.

About 3 miles north of Grand Canyon Eagle Point is the Guano Point vantage point with its panoramic views of the western part of the Grand Canyon. Enjoy this overwhelming place and take the opportunity for one-time shots with your camera. Because the Guano Point is also the last stop of the shuttle bus on the tour through the Grand Canyon West Adventure Park.

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