Historic Old Town Frankfurt between Cathedral and Römerberg

The New Old Town Frankfurt

Impressions of the beautifully reconstructed old town Frankfurt between Cathedral and Römerberg. A successful combination of old original buildings with new buildings based on historical models.

Altstadt Frankfurt - Old Town Frankfurt

Haus zur goldenen Waage

After visiting the Cathedral of St. Bartholomäus, we pass by the House to the Golden Scales over the historically significant Market Street. The Old town alley Altstadtgasse, leading from the cathedral square to the Römerberg, is also called the “coronation route”, because the crowned emperors moved over this alley from the cathedral to the Römerberg after the coronation.

We pass by the Friedrich-Stoltze fountain on the “Hühnermarkt” (chicken market) to Römerberg through the new old town of Frankfurt.

The squares and streets were largely restored to historical specifications from 2012 to 2018.

Römerberg Frankfurt am Main

Römerberg Frankfurt am Main

After our journey of discovery through the new Frankfurt Old Town, we also had the opportunity to take a look in the old “Ratskeller” in the town hall (Römer).



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