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Leonard’s Bakery, Best Malasadas – Honolulu Hawaii


Famous Bakery of Honolulu Oahu Hawaii Leonard’s Bakery – Best Malasadas in Honolulu Oahu Hawaii. Malasadas are Portugese doughnuts without a hole and they are the specialty of the Portuguese bakery in Honolulu. Leonards Bakery is the talk of Honolulu

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Hawaiian BBQ Recipes

Hawaiian BBQ Recipe

Easy Recipe – Hawaiian BBQ Recipes An easy Hawaiian BBQ Recipe: Original Hawaii BBQ cooked and served like in a typical Hawaiian restaurant. Prepared on an idyllic beach by 3 Hawaiian natives who know how to prepare hawaiian food and

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Kirschenmichel, Kirschenplotzer: Traditional German Cherry Pie Recipe

Kirschenmichel Kirschenplotzer

Kirschenplotzer- “Kerscheplotzer” or Kirschenmichel Kirschenmichel or Kirschenplotzer (“Kercheplotzer”) as he is called in the Palatinate is a traditional baked dessert recipe of German cuisine. We had a big cherry tree in our garden and at harvest time there were a

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Macaroni & Cheese Dinner, Cena de Macarrones & Queso

Macaroni & Cheese Dinner

Jessi had ordered Macaroni and Cheese. Thanks Macaroni & Cheese Dinner of brand Parade the meal was ready after about 10 minutes. And it tastes delicious.

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Panini alla Mozzarella en Carozza, Italian Food – Panini Sandwich Recipes

panini sandwich recipes

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