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Hawaiian BBQ Recipes

Hawaiian BBQ Recipe

Easy Recipe – Hawaiian BBQ Recipes An easy Hawaiian BBQ Recipe: Original Hawaii BBQ cooked and served like in a typical Hawaiian restaurant. Prepared on an idyllic beach by 3 Hawaiian natives who know how to prepare hawaiian food and

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Pork and Chicken Adobo Recipe – National Filipino Food

Pork Chicken Adobo Recipe

National dish in the Philippine cuisine – Adobo Adobo is a popular national dish in the Philippine cuisine. Almost all meats, poultry, seafood and vegetables can be cooked with this method. Chicken Adobo Adobo is the most popular version and

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Kirschenmichel, Kirschenplotzer: Traditional German Cherry Pie Recipe

Kirschenmichel Kirschenplotzer

Kirschenplotzer- “Kerscheplotzer” or Kirschenmichel Kirschenmichel or Kirschenplotzer (“Kercheplotzer”) as he is called in the Palatinate is a traditional baked dessert recipe of German cuisine. We had a big cherry tree in our garden and at harvest time there were a

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Kare-Kare, popular Filipino Food

Pata Kare Kare-Filipino recipes

Kare-Kare is a very popular traditional Filipino dish and often served at holiday meals, festivals, and parties with family and friends. It’s especially good when you pair it with bagoong. This dish was fully developed during the Spanish era by

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Caramelized chive flowers, starter recipe

Caramelized Chive Blossoms with brie

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